is a welfare first community dedicated to rehoming amazing pets in forever homes. Our welfare team check every advert so please check the below guidelines to make sure your advert meets our rigorous standards. If we need to take any action to we’ll get in touch and with some advice and correct any temporary issues.

We support Lucys Law and PAAG and support all campaigns to stop puppy farms and puppy smuggling.

 Posting Guidelines:

  1. All pets must be legal to rehome in the UK
  2. All ads must have a valid email address and UK location. 
    IMPORTANT: Please do not post your email address, telephone number or website in your ad, photo or email message. Our welfare team check all such occurrences and may edit or remove if necessary.
  3. Pets must be posted in an appropriate category
  4. Do not post duplicate ads (your ad will appear in both local and national results)
  5. No hate speech, violence, offensive/abusive language or ads targeting an individual or company, in adverts or messages
  6. If posting rewards for lost or stolen pets, be careful that you do not indicate that there would be “no questions asked” or offer immunity from prosecution as this is illegal under section 23 of the theft act 1968
  7. PetWise is a platform for pet rehoming so adverts that are not related to this may not be accepted

Pet welfare rules:

  1. No puppy or kitten may be rehomed before the age of 8 weeks.
  2. Pets should not be rehomed until they are fully weaned and are no longer dependent upon their parents
  3. Only breeders and rescue centres are allowed to advertise dogs & cats under 6 months old. We do not allow any third parties or pet shops.
  4. No tail docking and/or ear cropping
  5. No offers to swap a pet
  6. Dogs, cats, rabbits, small furries and horses must not be advertised for free
  7. All puppies & kittens must be vet checked and microchipped
  8. No puppies or kittens under 6 months to be imported from outside the UK
  9. Any listing of puppies or kittens must include a picture of the birth parent, who must be available to view during a home visit
  10. All breeders of 3 or more litters in a 12 month period will be required to submit a local authority license. Any licensed breeder who advertises a pet, must include their local authority license number in the listing
  11. Dogs should only have puppies once the mother is over 12 months old, only breed once a year and no more than 6 times in her lifetime
  12. All advertisers must include with each animal rehomed, written information detailing the animals five basic needs (as defined by the Animal Welfare Act)
  13. Do not offer to ship pets
  14. Pets that require licences for ownership & transport must be declared in the listing
  15. No pets that are pregnant or lactating
  16. No banned breeds or prohibited species under UK law
  17. No wild animals including but not limited to; hedgehogs, ground squirrels, monkeys.