Petwise is a welfare first community and is a safe place to find a pet if you follow the PetWise welfare charter:

  1. Never send a deposit before visiting the pet in its home (viewing on a video call doesn’t count!)
  2. If it’s a puppy insist that you see it with mum
  3. Insist on a veterinary check or certificates to verify welfare, ownership & any paperwork
  4. If they say they are a Kennel Club registered breeder check that they are
  5. Research the pet breed and ask lots of questions about food, exercise and temperament so you know your home & family are well suited
  6. Check that the owner has a close bond with the pet they are rehoming. If they don’t, ask why.

If you have any concerns about a pet please contact our welfare investigation team now.

The PetWise Welfare Charter