• If a buyer needs to contact you via your advert, there are three different ways they can do so, depending on the information you have inputted to your advert listing.
  • Email: You will recieve messages to your Petwise inbox and a notification will also be sent to your email address to alert you to this. For your safety Petwise recommend keeping the conversation within our messaging service until you feel safe to continue using other methods.
  • Telephone: You can be contacted on the number listed on your advert (if you have opted for phone communication), VIP members can contact you directly via this by using our phone reveal service.
  • SMS/Text messaging: You may receive an enquiry via text, simply call back or reply to the message to communicate with the other party.
  • Which option you allow and use for communication on Petwise is up to you, however, please remember that Petwise would prefer you kept your conversations within the messaging system on the site initially and until you feel safe giving out any further details.
What contact details should my ad contain?